He’s hot for Winterworld!

Matthew C. Tull says:
“If you’ve read the original mini-series from 1988, this new ongoing series picks up right where that story left off. That said, you certainly don’t need to have read the mini to follow this new series. It’s a pretty straightforward, post-apocalyptic survival story, but it’s also a classic road-trip story, as well. Butch Guice’s art is perfect for this title, and carries on much of the atmosphere set by Jorge Zaffino, back in 1988. Chuck Dixon is a master of action/adventure stories, and his sense of pacing is unparalleled in comics. These stories move along breathlessly, but never feel overtly lightweight. When there are pauses in the action, they are meaningful and sometimes surprisingly emotional. Great characterization, great pacing, humor, action, and some of the best artwork in the business. I’d recommend this series to pretty much anyone; it’s extremely accessible, but especially for anyone who is a fan of the following things: The Walking Dead, The Massive, Lazarus, and also movies like Mad Max, Road Warrior, The Thing, Paper Moon, Bonnie & Clyde, Lost Horizon, or any of Wim Wenders’ road movies. Great series.”