He compares levon to the best of the genre!

John K. Lenon gives Levon’s Trade FIVE STARS ***** and says:
“Hard to imagine a first book of a series being so good but this author is rather accomplished. The character Levon Cade has a cool name so that alone should bring you on board. If you like a well written book about a guy who rights wrongs and does it ruthlessly then this is the book for you and if you like Lee Child, Noah Boyd, Mark Dawson, Joseph Finder, and Michael Harvey, and you love the characters of Jack Reacher, Steve Vail , John Milton, Nick Heller, Michael Kelly, then this book is for you. This is a story of a guy trying to do the right thing while remaining off the grid and working anonymously. But he is also the kind of guy who can’t stand by especially when a good pay day is presented. He has to find someone first though. And there is plenty of plot, story line, and action and along the way we get to learn of this new character, a little of his past but mostly we learn how he solves problems and gets results. Can’t wait for the next book. Pretty soon Chuck Dixon’s name will be as well known as Child and Finder, never mind Baldacci and Eisler. Highly recommend if you like this genre and if you don’t, this might be the book to get you started. It’s a great and well written read. Get it.”